Discover local activities and services for kids | Mom Dash

Discover local activities and services for kids | Mom Dash

How to make parenting easier for you
February 26, 2016


Having a baby is one of the greatest moments parents can experience. The wait is finally over and you are holding the most precious thing in the world in your hands. It opens its eyes for a single moment before going back to doing what it does best, sleep. This is the start of a new stage in your lives called parenthood. This is the moment that you have truly matured as a husband and wife and you are handed the responsibilities of another actual human being.

Both of you have spent the last nine months anxiously waiting for the pregnancy to end. As a mother, you have gone through the highs and lows, both emotionally and physically. You have experienced the restless nights, the morning sickness and the wild hunger cravings. As a husband you have held your wife’s hand through this rollercoaster ride, hopefully with your emotions still intact.

As you take your first walk with the baby in hand you start to realize no matter what anyone has told you, raising a child is the start of a beautiful yet hectic and stressful life. A life where the responsibility of the parents multiplies and concerns arise regarding the everyday needs of the child. And these concerns to provide the best become a central theme for the rest of their lives. Not only do they continue but increase as the child get older. Whether it is the quest to find childcare or figuring out what to pack the first day of school or even as simple as which baby monitors to buy, everything concerning your precious baby takes priority.

This is where MomDash comes in. We want to provide you as parents an opportunity to discover all the local kid’s activities and services. We want to make parenting easier for you and support you through this adventure.

You can search our listing of recommended products across all ages, i.e. newborns, toddlers and early childhood. You can also use our products as a starting guide to discover other related products recommended by customers on Amazon. Not only do we list products related to kids, we also have a list of recommended products related to parenting, such as books, essential pregnancy items and unique gift ideas for those Christmas, Birthday and other special moments.

Once you have found that perfect product, you can also search for local classes or activities for you little one. Whether you are looking to drop in for open play at the local kids gym and enjoy hours of fun, exercise & friends or looking to explore, discover and help increase your child’s awareness with positive play habits and a fun social environment at the painting place, we want to be that one stop-shop for all your parenting needs. 

In order to further support you as parents, we even have a blog section that focuses on providing you with tips, tricks and advice on to how to make parenting easier.

So, what are you waiting for, start discovering and start enjoying the convenience that MomDash provides for parents like you?

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Arrow Green

Feb 29, 2016

Informative post. Thanks for sharing it

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