Discover local activities and services for kids | Mom Dash

Discover local activities and services for kids | Mom Dash


How does MomDash work?

Showcase your business with your own custom listing

  • Customers come to MomDash looking for vendor.

  • Our online tool allows parents to quickly find and contact you.

  • The easiest and affordable way to get new families to discover your services

Submitting Request

Your storefront introduces potential parents to your business, highlighting your reputation and expertise

  • We send the customer request via email or text message to experienced professionals like you

  • If you are interested and know that you are good fit then simply contact parents back.

Request Submitted

Display photos and details to give parents more information about you

  • You can create your profile. List your contact info, upload photos and include program description. 

  • You can choose from a variety of services that you feel you can provide.

  • Its Free! to set up profile unless you would like a featured listing.

Submitting Request

Receive and respond to inquiries from potential parents & Collect reviews

  • Typically 1–2 other professionals will also respond. The customer compares listing and decides who to contact

  • You and the customer work out the details through MomDash, over the phone, or in person

  • When you're hired, please let us know and improve your chances of winning your next customer!

Request Submitted